GKN Aerospace to supply engine shafts for CJ1000 development programme

GKN Aerospace has gained a contract with AVIC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co, Ltd. (ACAE) of China to supply low pressure turbine (LPT) shafts for the new CJ1000 high-bypass turbofan jet engine - being developed to power Chinese commercial jet airliners. 

The LPT shafts will be delivered within twelve months, for use in the CJ1000 engine test and development programme. They will be manufactured at the GKN Aerospace facility in Norway which is a centre of excellence for engine shaft manufacture. 

Neil McManus, Senior Vice President Asia, GKN Aerospace comments: "This contract represents a milestone first agreement with ACAE of China for our engine systems operation and further strengthens our relationship with the Chinese aerospace industry. ACAE is an important customer and this is a major programme in a key market. We believe the breadth of expertise we offer in LPT shaft manufacture, specifically, combined with our track record for product quality and consistency, was at the heart of this decision and we look forward to strengthening and expanding our working relationship with the ACAE team and the Chinese aviation industry on this programme in the coming years." 

The GKN Aerospace engine systems business is a market-leader in the supply of aero-engine static and rotating structures and has delivered more than 10,000 LPT cases to the major prime manufacturers of commercial and military aero-engines worldwide. 

signing the contract for LPT engine shafts for the CJ1000 engine 

Photo caption: Dongchen Jia, Sr. Vice President and Chief Engineer with AVIC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd, (ACAE) shakes hands with Robert Grepperud, Vice President Programs & Marketing with GKN Aerospace Norway AS (GAN) on signing the contract for LPT engine shafts for the CJ1000 engine.