Future technology

We are putting sustainability at the heart of our business, both in the way we operate and the technology we develop.

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Pushing the boundaries with sustainable technologies

GKN Aerospace is innovating to support a new generation of aircraft producing no emissions at all. New electric aircraft at the smaller end all the way up to hydrogen-electric propulsion and ultimately hydrogen combustion. All of those ingredients are going to play a role on the path to net zero aviation.

Michiel Jas, GKN Aerospace, Director of Sustainability

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Our technology and solutions

GKN Aerospace is on a mission to become the most trusted and sustainable partner in the sky. We are working with our customers, suppliers, academia and governments in order to shape the future of flight.


Hydrogen technologies

We are not just witnessing the dawn of a new aerospace era focused on zero-emission flight, at GKN Aerospace we are making it a reality.

We know that no single system or technology will deliver the level of change required to achieve and ultimately surpass global emissions targets. This is why we are working with airports, airlines, aircraft OEMs, academia and supply chain partners to research and develop a suite of bold, game-changing technologies.

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    GKN Aerospace is committed to leading the way in electrification, shaping a cleaner and more sustainable future for aviation. High voltage high power electrical wiring and distribution systems are required to support the increased electrical power required for Electrical aircraft and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems. This technology is revolutionizing the way aircraft are powered, reducing carbon emissions, and creating a quieter and more efficient flying experience. Contact us today to learn more about our electrification solutions and join us on the journey to a greener, electrified aviation industry.

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    Advanced air mobility

    With our technology leadership in electrification, lightweight composites, hydrogen propulsion and smart engine systems, we are at the forefront of enabling eVTOL platforms to thrive in the Advanced Air Mobility market. Our core capabilities in EWIS and lightweight aerostructures benefit multiple eVTOL platforms.

    Vertical Aero’s VX4, Lilium Jet and Supernal SA1 do all have GKN Aerospace technology on board  and contribute to a cleaner and more connected world. AAM will revolutionize the way we travel, shaping a brighter future for high-speed, regional transportation, driven by innovation and sustainability.

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