Code of Ethics

Doing The Right Thing is important to us and we want to make sure our behaviour is consistent with our values and Culture Principles, both internally and with our external customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

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In conjunction with our Culture Principles, our Code of Ethics explains how we want to do business.

The Code of Ethics applies to each and every GKN Aerospace employee, wherever they sit in the world. It sets out the standards of behaviour and business conduct we expect from all GKN Aerospace employees, together with the commitments our organisation makes in respect of the topics set out in the Code. All these standards and commitments are underpinned by the principle of ‘Doing the Right Thing’. Every GKN Aerospace employee has a personal responsibility for ensuring that our personal and organisational commitment to sound and ethical business conduct is delivered.

Our Code of Ethics consists of four chapters

The first chapter is a guide to our Code. It explains to whom it applies, what we expect from our employees and what we expect additionally from our managers. 

It also contains a 5-step Ethical Decision Making Model, to help make the right ethical decisions.

The other three chapters, called Our People and Culture, Our Business, and Information and Communication, give guidance on 20 relevant topics such as Health & Safety, Anti-bribery, Data Privacy, IT Security and Record Management.

Each topic contains an explanation of why it matters, what GKN Aerospace’s commitment to this topic looks like, what the employee’s role is, where to find help on the topic and a link to relevant documents and tools.

Who does it apply to?

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This Code of Ethics applies to all majority-owned subsidiary companies of GKN Aerospace and their directors, officers, managers and employees, including temporary workers. We expect everyone to know and to follow our Code of Ethics at all times.

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