A Sustainable GKN Aerospace

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Sustainability is critical to our success

GKN Aerospace's sustainability commitment serves as the basis for our long-term development and growth.

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Sustainability Workstreams

  • Energy, waste and emissions
  • Product lifecycle performance
  • Procurement
  • How our people live and work
  • Developing new business
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Our Commitments

Our five strategic themes direct how we continually drive to reach our targets and that of our customers.

  • Enabling our people to make sustainable choices at home and at work
  • Ensuring our decisions are informed and aligned to our sustainable goals
  • Inspiring our customers with new sustainable products and processes
  • Improving our efficiency, reducing our waste and lowering our emissions
  • Enabling, supporting & influencing our suppliers towards sustainable goals
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Reporting & disclosure

Following on from their inaugural ESG report in 2021, Melrose published their 2023 Sustainability report.

The report sets out the results of the group's material sustainability issues assessment, illustrates the alignment of the sustainability principles to the UN SDGs, and provides updated detail and case studies that demonstrate the efforts that their businesses, including GKN Aerospace, have made to promote those principles and goals throughout 2023. 

  • Download the report 9.20Mb PDF