Our Planet

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We strive to positively affect our world

We aim to reduce the impact that both our operations and our customers have on the environment.

Our products are designed to perform better than their predecessors, be that lighter, more efficient or resulting in less waste.

Around the world, our sites and employees work hard to support the communities in which they operate. As a company, GKN Aerospace contributes by building partnerships with schools and academic institutions, and inspiring future engineers. Our relationships are conducted with open and honest communication.

Supporting SDGs



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At GKN Aerospace, we are committed to playing our 
part in the protection of the environment, both in the operation of our facilities and the design of our products.

Our production operations are required to achieve certification to the internationally recognised environmental management system standard ISO 14001 which requires a commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance.

We measure the impact of our operations on the environment against the key performance indicators of energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions, water usage, waste generation and recycled waste. We are committed to continuous improvement in our environmental performance and are taking action to address each of these impact areas. We apply GKN Aerospace Lean Enterprise techniques to energy efficiency and waste reduction programmes, both in offices and at manufacturing locations.


Switch to 100% wind power

Our move in The Netherlands to full ‘green’ electricity use generated through renewable energy brings an estimated annual saving of 12,200 metric tonnes of CO2, read our article.

In addition, the Trollhättan site in Sweden, which consumes over 50 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity annually and is our largest site in Europe, began purchasing renewable energy from its local hydropower plant.

Approximately 45,000 square metres of efficient LED lighting has been installed at specific facilities in the US and Mexico, saving approximately 800,000 kWh per year in 2020.

We continue to promote electric vehicle transportation for all our employees. We have installed 26 dual point and 17 single point electric vehicle charging stations across eight of our facilities and share five stations at a multi-tenant location for a total vehicle charging capacity of 74 vehicles per hour.


Climate Change

Our ambition is to achieve net zero GHG emissions in our Group’s operations by 2050 in line with the UK Government’s target, in order to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Sometimes these are corporate initiatives, but in many cases projects and initiatives are instigated by employees.


Community Partnerships

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Most GKN Aerospace sites are actively involved in a huge variety of different projects, supporting their local communities, donating time to good causes and raising money for charitable projects around the world.

GKN Aerospace was at the heart of the VentilatorChallengeUK consortium of manufacturing companies making desperately needed medical ventilators for NHS hospitals, enabling staff to care for patients worst affected by COVID-19.

Employees worked around the clock at no profit to the business and the relevant teams delivered more than 13,000 ventilators, an incredible 12 years’ worth of normal production in 14 weeks.

Our initiatives

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