We provide wing structures, fuselages, empennages, transparencies, electrical wiring systems and components for major platforms ranging from helicopters to business jets to the most used single aisle aircraft and most advanced eVTOLs in the world.

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Narrow body

As one of the world’s leading global tier one suppliers in 
the Aerospace industry, GKN Aerospace designs and manufactures products and systems for A220, A320 (incl. ceo and neo) and B737 (incl. MAX) Narrow Body aircraft. Main areas of product responsibility are aerostructures, engine systems, wiring systems, transparencies and ice protection systems.

Civil Wide Body Airbus A350 10002

Wide body

GKN Aerospace has established a strong position in the wide body market supplying a broad base of innovative solutions to A330, A350XWB, B777 and B787 platforms.

Gulfstream G650 (1)

Regional jets, business jets

GKN Aerospace is using its world-leading capability in design and manufacture of aerostructures, propulsion systems and wiring systems for Business jets and Regional jets. This has resulted in long-term relationships with key customers like Cessna, Gulfstream, Hondajet and Dassault.

Uam Civil

Urban air mobility & sub-regional electric aircraft

The development of urban air mobility and sub-regional all-electric aircraft is a game-changer. In the quest for more environmentally friendly aviation, GKN Aerospace is proud to bring its wealth of experience in design and certification, as well as technology leadership, to shape the next generation of sustainable aircraft with new business models and faster time-to-market. Key customers include Eviation, Deutsche Aircraft and Vertical.

Civil products and capabilities

GKN Aerospace products and capabilities are on board of virtually every commercial, defence and space aircraft. Our lightweight composites, additive manufacturing technologies, EWIS, innovative engine systems and smart transparencies help to reduce emissions and weight on the aircraft and enhance passenger comfort.


Machined parts

GKN Aerospace has continuously invested into new high-speed machinery to further enhance the efficiency of its manufacturing processes and continue to meet the customers’ demands for high-quality products against competitive prices. New solutions, equipment and manufacturing methods across the world are available in support of our global customer base.

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Wing fixed trailing edge

GKN Aerospace has proven its world-leading capability in design and assembly of Fixed Trailing Assemblies for the A330, A400M and A350XWB.

Western Approach A350 FTE

Wing spar

The spar attaches vital parts including the main landing gear, to the wing. Its complex integral contours are achievable only as a result of manufacturing innovations introduced by GKN Aerospace and these contours provide the specific strength and flexibility required with minimal weight.

Civil Wing Spar

Fuselage panels

GKN Aerospace’s renowned bonding technology is applied to the fuselage panels that we manufacture for business jets and passenger aircraft.

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GKN Aerospace’s market leading position in business jet empennages has been proven in the design and manufacture of empennages for many Gulfstream large and ultra-large cabin aircraft, as well as for business jets of Cessna, Dassault and HondaJet.


Composite winglets

Composite winglets are transforming the performance of aircraft, reducing wing drag to bring significant fuel savings − with consequent reductions in aircraft emissions and improvements in payload and range.

C Series Winglet Photographed At ALC Midlands 2013. Isolated Cutout Image On White. Image Mode RGB Resolution 300Dpi.

Composite flaps

Outboard flaps are increasing the surface-area of the wing during take-off and landing. The composite flaps have unique capabilities, differential flap settings are applied, enabling the center of lift to be moved depending on the loading scenario.

Civil Composite Flaps

Complete composite fuselage

Honda Jet Fuselage

The fuselage is constructed of composites co-cured integrally in an autoclave. This process reduces manufacturing complexity whilst the composite structure produces a lighter fuselage that offers greater fuel efficiency and significantly increased interior cabin space. 


Electrical wiring interconnection systems

GKN Aerospace’s wiring business is recognised as a market and technology leader in electrical wiring interconnection systems (EWIS) for  aircraft and aircraft engines.

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Ice protection systems

Fully automated on-wing icing detection system. We combine our expertise and experience in the design and development of flying surfaces with advanced manufacturing and curing processes to offer its customers fully optimised light weight, efficient and cost effective structures and assemblies.

Ice Protected Wing Structure (1)


GKN Aerospace is market leader in aircraft transparencies. Our transparency capability supports the full range of aircraft in today’s market.

At the core of our success is our proprietary abrasion resistant coating CrystalVue II™. Today over 2 million CrystalVue II™ coated windows are in service and our passenger windows are the product of choice for aircraft manufacturers and airlines worldwide.

Photographed At Garden Grove 2010.

Our customers

GKN Aerospace is well positioned on many significant platforms. Our solutions are on board of aircraft ranging from helicopters, business jets, narrow bodies and wide bodies to the most advanced all-electric aircraft. Our global customer base spans the majority of aerospace OEM’s in all segments of the civil aerospace market. With our unique network of 39 sites in 12 countries across the world we are always close to our customers.

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  • Dassault Aviation

  • Deutsche Aircraft

  • Eviation

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  • Textron Aviation

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