GKN Aerospace sells the 1000th electronic flight bag solution to Hi Fly

Hi Fly
GKN Fokker Services has sold its 1000th Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution for iPad® to European wet-lease specialist airline Hi Fly, one of the first customers of the EFB solution in 2012. An EFB is a physical device combining hardware and software that carries flight documentation. It is used by the flight crew on the flight deck to easily and securely store essential flight information.

This 1000th order clearly illustrates the success of the product. Our modification has proved to be a very cost-effective and user-friendly solution which is recognized by customers all over the world. Its success also proves our capability to develop affordable modifications for all aircraft types.

Bert Leijen Product Manager Modifications of GKN Fokker Services

GKN Fokker Services’ portable EFB solution for iPad® is EASA certified. Easy installation ensures that the aircraft can be converted in very limited downtime at the lowest cost in the market. The EFB solution can also be delivered with a special connection to show, for example, Aircraft Moving Map (AMM) on the iPad®. GKN Fokker Services’ EFB solution is approved for almost all regional and long-haul transport aircraft types ranging from Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer to Fokker and is used all over the world by many customers.