GKN Aerospace delivers 500 underwater locator device modifications in one year

500 Underwater Locator Device Modifications

500 Underwater Locator Device (ULD) modifications supplied to 25 customers in 20 countries

ULD increasingly mandated by controlling authorities

8.8 kHz acoustic signal for a minimum of 90 days, detection range 13-22 km  maximum operational depth 20.000 ft

GKN Fokker Services has delivered its 500th Underwater Locator Device (ULD) modification package. The ULD modifications have been supplied to twenty-five customers in twenty countries. The modification package has been developed for a wide range of aircraft including the Airbus A320 Family, A330 & A340, Boeing 737 through 787, Bombardier Q400, Embraer E-Jets and the Fokker 70 and Fokker 100. The GKN Fokker Services’ solution offers a complete package including the engineering bulletin, aircraft documentation, the ULD hardware, installation kit and a tester.

Controlling the location of aircraft flying a long-range over oceanic areas has become increasingly important to air traffic control authorities. This has led to new requirements, including the introduction of a stand-alone, long-range ULD. Multiple countries mandate fitting the ULD on aircraft for long-range over-water flights.

The ULD will transmit an 8.8 kHz acoustic signal (pinger) for a minimum of 90 days. Its low frequency ensures an increased detection range of 13-22 km (7-12 NM) over the standard ULBs as installed on Flight Data Recorders and Cockpit Voice Recorders. The ULD is installed on the airframe. The maximum operational depth is 6,100 m (20,000 ft) when activated upon immersion in both salt and fresh water. The battery is a single-cell type with a six-year life. The whole package can be delivered at short notice and is easy to install.

We are happy to reach this milestone of delivering 500 ULD modification kits, only one year after supplying the first unit in October 2017.

Erik Lous Product Manager ULD at GKN Fokker Services