Congratulations to the ArianeGroup and the European Space Agency!


GKN Aerospace Celebrates Successful Launch of Ariane 6

The Ariane 6, developed by ArianeGroup in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), embarked on its maiden voyage from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana at 16:00 local time on July 9 (21:00 CEST).

Our Engines team, based in Trollhättan, Sweden, have been part of the Ariane programme for almost 50 years, dating back to the 1970s. GKN Aerospace supplied the turbines and nozzle for the latest launch, building on decades of expertise in space launcher technology.

GKN Aerospace extends heartfelt congratulations to ArianeGroup and ESA for this monumental achievement. We are incredibly proud to be part of the supplier team pushing the boundaries of innovation and exploring new frontiers together. This launch not only marks the culmination of an outstanding technical and technological adventure but also heralds the beginning of a long history of Ariane 6 operations.

Stefan Oscarsson, Head of Governmental Solutions at GKN Aerospace Sweden, highlighted the company's longstanding involvement in the Ariane project, providing turbines and nozzles critical for the rocket's performance.

Our continued involvement in the Ariane program underscores our commitment to advancing aerospace technology and contributing to Europe’s leading role in space exploration.

Read the press release of ArianeGroup here: Europe's new Ariane 6 rocket powers into space | ArianeGroup