We strive to be the most trusted partner in the sky. This means supporting our customers in delivering safe and sustainable propulsion solutions. Our innovative engine system solutions offer significant improvements in performance and fuel consumption.

Civil Engines

We are a leading Tier One provider of high performance structural and rotating engine components. Based on our diverse range of capabilities and close partnerships with major aero-engine OEM’s, we lead the industry in fabrication of advanced engine structures, cases and frames. We provide tailored repair and overhaul services, supporting our customers around the world, and also offer electric wiring solutions for propulsion systems.

Defence Engines

We are responsible for the availability and airworthiness of the RM12 engine powering the Gripen C/D fighter. That includes design, development, manufacture, assembly, certification, maintenance, repair, overhaul and technical product support. We work closely with our customers to ensure low cost operation and flight safety. We also provide components for a wide range of military fighter engines, such as the F100, F135, F404 & F414 for example.

Launcher Engines

Since the beginning, we have participated in the European Ariane launcher program with the production of the thrust chambers for the Viking and Vulcain rocket engines. Today GKN Aerospace’s involvement is continuing through fuel pump and exhaust nozzle development for the Vulcain 2.1 engine, powering the new generation Ariane 6 rocket.

Industrial Gas Turbines

We are today involved in a number of industrial gas turbine, where we design and make parts and provide overhaul and repair services.

Solutions and MRO

GKN Aerospace develops, builds and supplies an extensive range of advanced aerospace systems, components and technologies – for use in aircraft ranging from business jets, helicopters and military aircraft to the most used single aisles and the largest passenger planes in the world.

Material Solutions

Material Solutions

We've been pioneering the use of Additive Manufacturing for over a decade. Our innovative material solutions involve a process called fabrication, which is like slicing a cake into smaller pieces and then putting them back together in a new shape. This method allows us to transform large and complex geometries into high-performance parts. These efforts are all part of our commitment to making the aviation industry more efficient, which benefits both our business and the environment.


Our customers and programs

In partnership with our customers we develop innovative propulsion solutions for a wide range of engine programs. Value co-creation makes us stronger and more successful together. We are the customers’ first choice and we always deliver on our promises, making us the most trusted partner in the sky.


Pratt & Whitney

  • PW1100/1400
  • PW1500/1900
  • PW1200/1700
  • F135

General Electric

  • GEnx
  • GE90
  • GE9X
  • F404/F414
  • F110
  • LM2500
  • LM1600
  • LM6000
  • LM9000
  • LMS100
  • CF6

CFM & Safran

  • CFM56
  • LEAP
  • CF6
  • GE90


Rolls Royce

  • Trent 1000
  • Trent 900
  • Trent XWB


  • GEnx
  • GE9X
  • LEAP


  • LM6000


  • RM12
  • RM16

Other markets

GKN Aerospace develops, builds and supplies an extensive range of advanced aerospace systems, components and technologies for some of the largest passenger planes and military aircraft in the world.


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