Vertical aerospace’s all-electric flying demonstrator, the VX4, assembled and delivered from GKN Aerospace’s global technology centre in Bristol

GKN Aerospace’S Global Technology Centre In Bristol

GKN Aerospace designed and manufactured the electrical wiring interconnection system (EWIS) including the High Voltage High Power Interconnection system that runs power from the batteries to the VX4’s electric propulsion units (EPU)

Rapid development, integration support and delivery within nine months showcases ability to support electrical aircraft with faster time-to-market 

Sustainable technologies and specialist knowledge established from across GKN Aerospace, including the UK and the Netherlands

GKN and Vertical continue to build on their strategic partnership and strengthen Vertical’s unrivalled industrial partner ecosystem

GKN Aerospace has reached an important milestone in its partnership with Vertical Aerospace, (Vertical) [NYSE: EVTL] a global aerospace and technology company that is pioneering zero emissions aviation, by delivering the electrical wiring interconnection system (EWIS) and integration expertise for Vertical’s first flying prototype of the VX4 all-electric demonstrator aircraft.

The VX4 is leveraging GKN Aerospace’s multi-technology expertise and its global footprint, with EWIS delivered from Hoogerheide, the Netherlands. Airframe assembly and EWIS installation was also completed at GKN Aerospace’s brand-new Global Technology Centre in Bristol Summer 2022, integrating various parts delivered by the global supply chain.

GKN Aerospace and Vertical announced their partnership in September 2021. Since then, the rapid design, manufacture and delivery of the EWIS has showcased GKN Aerospace’s ability to support the faster time-to-market of electric aircraft. The next step in the strategic collaboration between GKN and Vertical, will be manufacturing and integration of the Wing and EWIS for the certifiable aircraft. Design and development activities have already started and are progressing, as Vertical’s VX4 is targeting entry into service in 2025.

Michael Cervenka, President of Vertical said: “Building the VX4 requires great expertise and a pioneering spirit. Our partnership with GKN Aerospace, a leading global technology supplier, is providing the aerostructures and EWIS systems in the VX4, accelerating our development and signifying great progress for electric aviation as a whole. We are delighted with the tremendous support and expertise GKN has provided in helping us assemble the demonstrator aircraft in their world-class Global Technology Centre.”

John Pritchard President Civil Airframe, GKN Aerospace said: “This is a breakthrough moment in our step towards creating a sustainable future of flight. Companies like Vertical are a game-changer for our industry and are making zero-emission travel a reality today. We are delighted to have partnered with Vertical at the start of this journey and proud that our technology is helping to bring that reality to life. Congratulations to everyone involved and we look forward to seeing the first aircraft flying very soon.”

GKN Aerospace is the world’s multi-technology leader in design and manufacturing of lightweight aerostructures and EWIS systems, as well as engine systems.