17 Fokker Aircraft transactions in first half of 2017

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12 Fokker 50s, 3 Fokker 70s and 2 Fokker 100s placed with 4 existing and 5 new operators

GKN Aerospace’s Fokker business announces that a total of 17 Fokker aircraft were placed in the first half of 2017 compared with 23 transactions in the first half of 2016. Currently, approximately 400 Fokker aircraft are operational worldwide. The fleet of Fokker aircraft has earned a reputation for advanced technology, comfort, operational reliability, low noise levels, durability and continued support.

In Europe, Cypriot airline TUS AIR purchased 2 Fokker 100s. After comprehensive checks at Fokker Techniek’s facilities these aircraft are used throughout the Mediterranean, supplementing various turboprops. There has also been a strong demand for wet leases from various traditional Fokker 100 operators in Europe.

In Australia, Alliance Airlines purchased a VIP configured Fokker 70 from the Netherlands’ government. After the incorporation of various modifications, the aircraft will be used on corporate and VIP charters throughout Australia. Alliance Airlines is thus further increasing its fleet size, and is the largest Fokker operator in the world. Fokker 70s and 100s in Australia are increasingly being used for regular public transport (RPT) in addition to operating on more traditional fly-in, fly-out routes (FIFO) in support of natural resources’ industries.

MWG Limited, based in Singapore, purchased 2 Fokker 70s from KLM to be used on services in Myanmar. A total of 7 Fokker 50s went to various operators in Africa. The Fokker 50’s renowned durability and capability to operate from unpaved strips have been great assets in the typically harsh operating environments in Africa.

In Latin America Mexican operator Maya-ir added 1 Fokker 50, doubling its Fokker 50 fleet.

Finally, Avmax in Canada purchased 4 Fokker 50s from Air Iceland. These are the first Fokker aircraft in Avmax’ extensive fleet.

Low operating costs, aircraft longevity and comprehensive support remain key elements in all of the deals over the last 6 months. Going forward we continue to see a healthy demand for Fokker 70s which are becoming available later this year, as well as continued supply and demand for both Fokker 50s and Fokker 100s.

Peter van Oostrum Director of aircraft remarketing at GKN Aerospace’s Fokker business

GKN Aerospace’s Fokker business neither sells nor leases Fokker aircraft. It facilitates placements by sellers and lessors through its FLYFokker program and remarketing services, in addition to providing comprehensive support to Fokker aircraft operators throughout the world.