About us

GKN Aerospace is the original aerospace innovator. For decades, GKN Aerospace technologies have inspired and industrialized the aerospace industry, combining engineering excellence and technology leadership.

Today we are truly global, with 16,000 employees in 35 manufacturing locations in 12 countries around the world. All major aircraft and engine manufacturers rely on our advanced technologies. Our aerostructures, engine systems and special products improve the performance of more than 100,000 flights every day.

By working closely together with universities, knowledge institutes, suppliers and customers, we lead the industry in developing new technology to improve aircraft efficiency: lowering aircraft cost, weight and emissions.



We were among the first to implement lightweight materials like thermoplastic composites and fibre metal laminates in aircraft components 30 years ago, achieving comparative weight savings of around 25% for major passenger aircraft. Since then, we have equipped the majority of advanced aircraft platforms worldwide with successive generations of the technology including the Airbus A350XWB, A380 and Boeing 737.

We set the standard in highlighting the unlimited possibilities of additive manufacturing (AM) for the aerospace industry and are currently at the cutting-edge of technology leadership worldwide. Around 18 years ago, we manufactured the Ariane 5 rocket engine nozzle and reinforced it with our AM wire deposition technologies. Today, GKN Aerospace has five global centers of excellence that enable the most advanced aircraft to take to the sky with ground-breaking AM components.

GKN Aerospace’s operational excellence and high volume production capabilities are now driving the global development towards more automation, higher performance and smart industry solutions. The result is shorter production lead times and more affordability for our global customers.

Every day, around the world, we help aircraft fly further, faster and greener.

Why GKN Aerospace

Innovative technology

We are at the forefront of aerospace trends and technology, enabling our customers to build and operate smart innovative sustainable and affordable aircraft and engines with our advanced solutions – for use in aircraft ranging from helicopters and business jets to the most used single aisle aircraft and the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world.

Lightweight composites, additive manufacturing, innovative engine systems and smart transparencies help to reduce emissions and weight on the aircraft and enhance passenger comfort.

Our Solutions

Operational excellence

Working together with customers, knowledge institutes and suppliers we develop highly automated processes to industrialize aerospace innovations and deliver world-class performance.

Our state-of-the-art lean manufacturing techniques, and continuous improvements bring innovations from the R&D centre to the production line.

Operational excellence

Global footprint

With 35 manufacturing sites in 12 countries, and over 16,000 dedicated high-skilled employees worldwide, we are always near our customers.

We have the manufacturing, engineering and systems integration capabilities required to deliver aerospace technologies with GKN Aerospace’s world-class performance globally.

GKN Aerospace's global locations

Strong heritage

When 250 years of industrial leadership joins 100 years of aviation pioneering and smart engine technology you get: GKN Aerospace.

We are part of the aerospace industry since the first flight took to the sky. From revolutionary lightweight technologies to the world-first additive manufactured aircraft components today, we have an unmatched record of accomplishment of successfully developing and integrating new systems and solutions.

GKN Aerospace's History

GKN Aerospace at a glance

GKN Aerospace is a leading global tier one supplier of airframe and engine structures, landing gear, electrical interconnection systems, transparencies, and aftermarket services.

It supplies products and services to a wide range of commercial and military aircraft and engine prime contractors, and other tier one suppliers.

SALES in 2022

Sales by market

Civil 37%
Engines 34%
Defence 29%

Revenue by region

Europe (exc UK) 44%
North America 33%
UK 19%
Asia 4%

Sales by customer

Airbus 18%
Pratt & Whitney 17%
Lockheed Martin 13%
GE 8%
Boeing 7%
Sikorsky 4%
Rolls-Royce 3%
Other 30%

Airframe structures, including wing/empennage and flight control surface assemblies, fuselage structures and landing gear.

Engine structures, including fixed and rotating propulsion products, fan cases, exhaust systems, nacelles and other components.

Electrical wiring interconnection systems for aerostructures and engine products.

Niche products such as ice protection, fuel systems, transparencies including specially coated cockpit and cabin windows, and flotation devices.

  • Supporting our customers by delivering on our strong positions on existing programmes
  • Growth on existing platforms and on selective new high-growth and long-running platforms through the application of technology and cost-effective solutions
  • Developing new technologies for future commercial and military aircraft, to enhance capabilities, improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and minimise the environmental impact of aviation
  • Strengthening our current market leadership positions and expanding into adjacent markets with similar product technologies and manufacturing capabilities
  • Expanding our global footprint to serve more customers around the world

Executive team

Executive team

GKN Aerospace’s Executive Team is responsible for the long-term success of the Division, focusing on meeting Aerospace’s strategic objectives in a sustainable and responsible manner. 

Meet the Aerospace Executive team