Propulsion Systems

Based on our diverse range of capabilities and close partnerships with the major aero-engine OEMs, GKN Aerospace is well positioned to lead the industry. Our manufacturing capability is extensive, including forging, electro chemical milling, high-speed 5-axis machining

GE 90115 B Engine

Engine services

We are a leading Tier One provider of high performance metallic and composite structural engine components. Based on our diverse range of capabilities and close partnerships with the major aero-engine OEM’s GKN Aerospace is well positioned to lead the industry.

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  • Commercial Engine

    Engine Drawing
    Konsberg 780X488 Min


    We specialize in robust high-precision machining of a range of complex components with safety driven requirements; for example shafts, discs and blades. Additive powderbed solutions are being developed for launcher engine fuel pump components, with the long-term ambition to fully exploit the AM capability as part of our fabrication offer.

    Engine Fan Stat

    Fan Statics

    We are engaged in the design, development, certification, manufacture and assembly of metallic and composite fan containment casings as well as fan frames and fan core structures for civil and military aero engines. Our unique AM fabrication technology is being introduced for the fan case mount ring on the PW1500G engine, significantly reducing material waste through a low by-to-fly ratio.

    Xwb Icc (1)

    Compressor Statics

    We design and manufacture highly complex fabricated core compressor structures. As an example, the Trent XWB intermediate compressor case consists of more than 70 sub-components all welded together using state-of-the-art in TIG, EB and laser welding. AM deposition was introduced on the same compressor structure and has now been certified and flying for more than 10 years. We also offer unique processes for manufacturing of ducts and cases.

    Turbine Exit Structure 780X488 Min

    Turbine Statics

    We provide fabricated turbine structures with engine mounts for the GEnx and GTF engine families, which includes design, make and repair responsibility. We also design and manufacture launcher engine nozzles using the latest technology in laser welding and additive manufacturing.

    Engines Defense

    Military Systems

    We take complete responsibility for multi-domestic military propulsion systems. This includes design, development, manufacturing, assembly, certification, maintenance, repair, overhaul and technical product support. We offer our MRO, testing and product support expertise for multiple propulsion systems. We have the capability to lead and partner for system development, supporting customer freedom of choice and self-sufficiency.

    Engine Accessory

    Parts repair

    Minimizing downtime is vital for every operator of aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines. We tailor our repair and overhaul solutions to fit specific operational needs in close cooperation with our customers around the world.