11 07 2016

GKN Aerospace signs agreement on integrated electrical systems with UTC Aerospace Systems

GKN Aerospace’s Fokker Technologies business unit, and UTC Aerospace Systems - Electric Systems have signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) to develop electrical integrated solutions for More Electric Aircraft (MEA). Both parties complement each other by bringing together their expertise on electric systems and electrical wiring interconnection systems (EWIS), with the objective to provide innovative and affordable solutions to the aerospace market.

The MOA was signed today at the Farnborough Airshow between Tim White, president of UTC Aerospace Systems - Electric Systems and Hans Büthker, CEO of Fokker Technologies. Both companies have a proven track record and leading positions in their technical domains. UTC Aerospace Systems - Electric Systems is a specialist and a leading provider of electrical power generation, distribution and control for commercial and military aircraft. GKN Aerospace is a leading company in designing and manufacturing of EWIS. The agreement formalises the collaboration between the two parties to jointly offer optimized solutions for the integration of electric systems (such as power generating and power distribution systems) and the electrical wiring interconnection systems, towards the development of More Electric Aircraft. UTC Aersospace Systems and GKN Aerospace will jointly work on collaborative integrated research, development and design of optimized electrical integrated solutions.

Hans Büthker, CEO of Fokker Technologies, said: “This is a major stepping stone in the long term collaboration with UTC Aerospace Systems - Electric Systems. We look forward to extending our relationship and work together on innovative electrical integrated solutions for More Electric Aircraft.”

Fokker Technologies is a business unit of GKN Aerospace with an order portfolio covering an extensive range of commercial and military aircraft and engines from all global major aircraft manufacturers. As an internationally recognized prime specialist in electrical wiring interconnection systems, the Fokker business unit has a proprietary wiring design and manufacturing system, which provides it with a unique and innovative toolset to support aircraft manufacturers worldwide.

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