GKN Aerospace technology in rail windscreens demonstrated at Innotrans


  • High impact resistant windscreen systems on display in Hall 2.2, stand 206 

GKN Aerospace will demonstrate the range and capability of its high performance rail windscreens at Innotrans, 23 - 26 September, in Berlin, Germany. The company will showcase products that offer the clear and constant visibility and cabin protection necessary to safely operate today’s high-speed rail vehicles. The GKN Aerospace exhibit is in Hall 2.2, stand 206. 

GKN Aerospace windshields are manufactured using a damage-tolerant, chemically toughened outer glass with abrasion resistant polycarbonate coatings. They offer high optical clarity in a double curved windscreen and provide drivers cab anti-spall protection. Additional anti-fog and de-icing coatings maintain visibility in all weather conditions and a unique edge-seal system prevents moisture ingress into the windscreen, which is accepted across the industry as primary cause of in-service failure. 

Neil McManus, Chief Executive of GKN Aerospace Europe and Special Products comments: “Today’s rail windscreens must offer far more than simply protection against the elements. As an integral part of the driver’s cabin structure, the windscreen is critical to the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle and the critical importance of the windscreen will only grow as track speeds increase and maintaining visibility becomes even more critical to the safe operation of rail vehicle traffic. We have applied our specialist expertise to create extremely tough, optically critical transparency designs that offer new levels of performance protection, safety and through life reliability for rail traffic.” 

The GKN Aerospace transparency systems business is a world-leading supplier of high performance transparencies to the military and civil aviation markets and the automotive industry. For almost fifty years the company has also been a leading supplier of high impact-resistant windscreens for the rail industry.