Research & Development

We are technology leaders in aerostructures, engine systems, transparencies and wiring systems. Innovation is a continuous process of taking advanced aerospace technologies to the next technology readiness level.

Additive Manufacturing part being scutinised at Filton

Lightweight composites, additive manufacturing, innovative engine systems and smart transparencies help to reduce emissions and weight on the aircraft and enhance passenger comfort.

We look beyond immediate market requirements, assessing the impact of environmental and technological trends on aviation and passengers. This focus on real long-term requirements enables us to be first-to-market with advanced state of the art solutions.

Additive Manufacturing part being scutinised at Filton 

Our global R&D network brings together broad, international teams of specialists from across our organisation, collaborating with universities, knowledge institutes, suppliers and customers in innovation platforms and research studies, leveraging diverse skills and experience. Close development partnerships with customers ensure acceleration of new technologies.

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