GKN Aerospace is a global business with facilities in 15 countries. Use the tools above the map to locate contact details and addresses for specific GKN Aerospace sites. 

GKN Aerospace in Europe

GKN Aerospace in Europe
GKN Aerospace, Trollhättan, Sweden

GKN Aerospace has 18 manufacturing sites across six European countries: the UK, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Romania.

More than half of GKN Aerospace’s 18,000 global employees are based in Europe, with around 2,000 based at our largest single manufacturing facility: the Engine Systems centre of excellence in Trollhättan, Sweden.  GKN Aerospace also has three additive manufacturing centres of excellences in Europe, in Filton, Bristol, in the UK; Trollhättan in Sweden; and in Papendrecht, The Netherlands.

Since 2000, GKN Aerospace has invested more than £500m in research and development projects in the UK alone.

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GKN Aerospace in Asia Pacific

GKN Aerospace in Asia Pacific

By 2035, Asia will be the largest aerospace market, with around 40% of aircraft demand predicted to come from the region

Today GKN Aerospace has manufacturing facilities in five Asian countries, China, India, Turkey, Thailand and Singapore and we are in the process of strengthening and expanding this footprint to include a new Engines Systems facility in Malaysia and a joint venture in China. In total, around 10% of GKN Aerospace’s employees are based in our Asia operations and this is set to grow as we expand our regional footprint in line with the market and our customers’ requirements.

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GKN Aerospace in Americas

GKN Aerospace in Americas

America is the world’s largest aerospace market and GKN Aerospace has more than half of its global manufacturing facilities across the region.

In total, we have 21 manufacturing sites across the United States, Mexico and Canada. These sites produce world-leading aerostructures, engine systems and special technologies for some of the world’s most advanced civil and military aircraft platforms. GKN Aerospace also has an additive manufacturing centre of excellence at Oak Ridge  National Laboratories in Tennessee and a US headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Since 2000, GKN Aerospace has invested more than $400m in research and development projects across the United States.

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